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Shiatsu Massage vs. Other Body Massages | Shiatsu Massage

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There’s a number if differences between shiatsu and other body work techniques. First and foremost Shiatsu is done on the floor on a futon and the receiver is fully clothed. There is no oil so it’s not necessary for the receiver to be unclothed. We work on top of the clothing using pressure points, gentle manipulation, and stretching. It’s different than a traditional massage in that the practitioner is using their whole body to give the sessions, such as elbows, knees, feet.

They’re using their body weight to create the pressure, rather than other massage forms which just use the muscles of the hands. Another difference between shiatsu and other body work modalities is that it’s a complete system of healing. So, while other body work techniques might just be used for physical discomfort, shiatsu is also looking at what is going on internally such as organ function and a broad range of other things that bring the body in or out of balance. So one final thing about shiatsu versus other body work modalities is while you still have the benefit of de-stressing and relaxation, you also have this sense of creating greater health all around and working on something that might be ongoing as a health concern or something that needs attention.

Of course, bringing balance and relaxation with a bodywork session is super valuable for that. So, shiatsu spans beyond relaxation and de-stressing and is just really a complete system of healing. .

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