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How to Give a Swedish Massage : Benefits of The Swedish Massage

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Hello! I am Tunisia Woods and I am here on behalf of Hello Beautiful Mobile Massage Therapy Group, for Expert Village, to share with you the benefits of Swedish massage. Now, you ask what is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a massage technique that deals with relaxation. It deals with light strokes as opposed to many other modalities that may deal with the muscles.

The benefits of Swedish massage include relaxation, for those stressful days, from our spouses, our children, our bosses, or just rush hour traffic.

The second is lymph drainage. A lot of toxins always build up, and massages can help move those toxins out of our bodies. The third is circulation.

Sometimes we may have legs that tingle or arms that may fall asleep. That’s because we have poor circulation in those areas. Massage can increase blood flow and increase circulation. Also, the last but not least is just an over all just feeling of having a sense of being. Sometimes people don’t realize how beneficial massage can be just for our health.

I will show you later on how, in fact, massage can be done and how effective it really is. Thank you! .

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