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Massage Therapy : What Is a Therapeutic Massage?

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Hi, I’m Sundae with Natural Sundae and if you’re wondering what a therapeutic massage is I can tell you what it is. Now a massage by nature is very therapeutic. It’s therapeutic and healing for all the wonderful parts that comprise you. It is healing for your physical body, which is the body that we see, for our mental capacity and for our emotional capacity as well. It’s also referred to as a holistic therapy because it treats the body as a whole being. Now it’s very therapeutic on our physical bodies for many reasons. Some of the first and most important reasons are it increases circulation, it increases flexibility, mobility, range of motion. It decreases muscle pain which is one of the most important reasons why people come for a massage. It increases your endorphins which are hormones that make you feel nice and good and positive, and it decreases that stress hormone, that’s released whenever we are stressed out which these days is a lot for most of us.

But massage is great for just that reason, it has so many wonderful effects for our physical bodies. Now when our bodies are feeling good that means our minds are able to concentrate on other things, are able to be sharper, have greater capacity for memory and focus, concentration, mental clarity and performance. They all shoot right through the roof when we’re not feeling pain. So that definitely increases our mental capacity. And then massage is very therapeutic for our emotional beings as well, I know when we’re pain free and when we have mental clarity, we feel nurtured and warm and comforted.

Massage is a wonderful and soothing and calming thing for our emotions, just the mere fact of touching someone brings calm and warmth and a soothing feeling. Now massage is wonderful because it reduces frustration and irritation. It improves your mood and it makes you feel loved and wanted and supported. So massage is a very therapeutic therapy, wonderful for all the parts of you. I am Sundae with Natural Sundae. .

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