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The Difference between Massage Therapy and Spa

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Wawa Spa – Some people outside there though that massage therapy has the same meaning as the spa. In fact, these two have some differences that might not everyone knows. Both massage therapy and spa involve gentle manipulation of muscle for some benefits. This time, we have understood what the differences between the two of them are. Keep reading.

The Environment

One thing that makes spa and massage therapy very different is the treatment and the setting in their clinic. Spa usually comes with a better look and features. Once you enter the spa, you will feel comfortable with the aesthetic place and good atmosphere of relaxation. But if you do body massage therapy, the place will look very simple because they focus on health advantages.


The spa has a purpose for luxurious relaxation when massage therapy focus to get health advantages. A spa offers you not only massage but also other treatments like body scrub and water treatment. On the other hand, the target of massage therapy is only to relieve your pain with several health considerations.


Another difference between spa and massage therapy that you should know is about the value and cost. You should spend more money to get treatment on the spa while you can’t claim it on your insurance. For massage therapy, the cost that you should spend mostly has been standardized before. Some massage therapies also can be covered with medical insurance.

The Therapist Involved

People who work on the spa usually did not get the same training as massage therapy does. They usually only get training on how to make the customers feel comfortable and relax. But the professional massage therapy will do massage with derivation for health advantages. People who work in massage therapy might be perfect to work on the spa.

There are some differences between massage therapy and spa that you should understand. Almost everything on two of them might look similar but it is different if you put attention to them. Now you can consider which one is the best place to fulfill your needs. For reservation outcall massage in Kuala Lumpur, kindly call : +6012-430905 (Wawa). Just mobile massage only.

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