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Our Outcall Massage Spa Services

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Massage spa is not something novel. The art or technique of massage itself actually originates from ancient times. In the present day, massage has been modernised & elevated into a span of therapeutic retreat commonly known as massage spa. There are many great benefits that you can obtain from massage spa. Continue reading as we will detail it.

What exactly is a massage spa?

Our massage spa offers a wide range of categories for you to choose from such as body massage, full body massage, massage for men and massage for women, to name a few. According to your preferences, you can also choose whether to get a local traditional malay massage, Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage or light reflexology.

In fact, you can even get the couples massage if you enjoy a company. While enjoying a massage by our professionally trained and qualified therapists, you will feel relaxed & rejuvenated instantly. Our highly therapeutic service is an ideal, natural and fuss-free way of pampering your physical and mental being.

If you are indecisive on which massage service that suits you the best or fits your desire the most, we are happy to help you.

Why is a massage spa important to you?

Let us explain. There are so many great benefits that a massage spa offers you with. Some of them are the ability to improve blood circulation in your body, facilitate the detoxification process, eliminate stress, and more excitingly, it can even help you lose a couple of pounds. All in all, massage spa is capable of contributing to your physical and mental well-being.

Other therapeutic benefits of massage include helping you getting rid of headaches, back ache, arthritis, respiratory disorders, insomnia as well as nerve pain and joints.

Many alternative treatment therapists in fact regard massage spa as an alternative treatment to many health problems.

How is a massage spa done?

It is done in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Usually, we will start by letting you to rest for about 15 minutes before the massage begins.

This is important because massage services are ways for our professional therapists to help your physical body experience relief starting from the head to the back torso and feet. Our main focus is to aid you in achieving the maximum level of rest, relaxation and comfort.

Full body massage definitely gives focus on parts of your body thoroughly to relieve tension in those affected areas.

To know more about our service, you can justĀ  reach us via call/ Whatsapp at 012-6430905

We at Wawa Spa ultimately believe in one important thing about our service and that is quality. The quality of the massage spa service by our therapeutic therapists is that of no comparison.


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