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Comprehensive Explanation about Difference Massage and Spa

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Wawa Spa – Going to a spa is a must for some people especially a woman while most of the man choosing massage. Many people think that there is no difference massage and spa while in fact, they’re different. Want to understand the difference between massage and spa? Check it out!

Main Goal

A clinical massage is typically performed with a specific goal in mind: to relieve pain or tension in a particular body part. You may have been referred by a doctor, and your health insurance may cover all or part of your visits. The goal of medical treatment is to alleviate a particular ailment or condition.

On the other hand, in the spa, there is no definite end goal in mind. The reason for a spa treatment is often more general. Rather than healing the patient, the therapist usually aims to relax and de-stress them.

Different Techniques

In massage, we usually search for a treatment to relieve our body problems like back pain. The therapist will have specific goals, to give their best to relieve your back pain. They will prepare the technique they will use for your specific needs.

However, you’ll most likely receive more basic treatment focused on relaxation during a spa visit. Although spa therapists are trained in general massage techniques, they may not have the same level of expertise as physical therapists.

So these are two big difference massage and spa you basically need to know before decided where to go. If you want to have a spa or massage, go to our place, Wawa Spa or thewawaspa.com for some information. We have a skillful therapist that will help to fulfill your needs. For reservation outcall massage in Kuala Lumpur, kindly call : +6012-430905 (Wawa). Just mobile massage only.

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