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Read This 5 Reason Before You Find A Massage Therapist

T 6 Oktober 2019 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Massage is one of the oldest therapy people do for better health. Finding a massage therapist could be a difficult activity because unknowing the purpose. So, read these five reasons before you find a massage therapist: 1)... more...

Best Massage In Kuala Lumpur

5 Tips To Find The Best Massage In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

T 29 September 2019 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – A holiday is the best time to refresh your body and soul. It’s nice to have new experiences in other places. But all those tourism activities always takes a lot of energy, so that tourists can feel... more...

NO Intercourse FULL BODY Massage @ Hotel Home in Kuala Lumpur Selangor

T 15 Agustus 2019 F A KLbodymassage

*NO INTERCOURSE OFFER* LOCAL MALAY + FEMALE therapist with 5 + years experience in professional full body massage. Therapeutic Best Professional Good Relaxing and Sensual *Understanding and caring for the needs of my clients, I will accommodate ALL HOURS where... more...

Outcall Full Body Massage Services in kuala lumpur

T 30 Juli 2019 F A KLbodymassage

KLbodymassage.com is based in kuala lumpur offering outcall massage services that,full body massage deal,Malay Traditional massage, Foot reflexology, Oil massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Relaxing Massage, Sensual Massage,Back Massage and etc. By providing you both male and female therapist for better... more...

Traditional Relaxing Malay Massage By Experienced Masseur

T 25 Juli 2019 F A KLbodymassage

Traditional malay massage with oil by young local female.. Experienced ,professional and good well trainer. for Men and women Couple is also available Experienced it yourself Only Attend your Hotel….. Our treatment *reduce stress due hard days work *Improved blood... more...

Massage Techniques & Tips : How to Give a Swedish Massage

T 22 Mei 2019 F A KLbodymassage

Relax to the Max Massage Therapy and today we are going to be talking about how to give a Swedish Massage. A Swedish Massage is characterized by long flowing strokes over the entire body. Of course it is not all... more...

How to Give a Swedish Massage : Benefits of The Swedish Massage

T 22 Mei 2019 F A KLbodymassage

Hello! I am Tunisia Woods and I am here on behalf of Hello Beautiful Mobile Massage Therapy Group, for Expert Village, to share with you the benefits of Swedish massage. Now, you ask what is Swedish massage? Swedish massage is... more...

Shiatsu Massage vs. Other Body Massages | Shiatsu Massage

T 22 Mei 2019 F A KLbodymassage

There’s a number if differences between shiatsu and other body work techniques. First and foremost Shiatsu is done on the floor on a futon and the receiver is fully clothed. There is no oil so it’s not necessary for the... more...

Massage Therapy : What Is Aromatherapy Massage?

T 22 Mei 2019 F A KLbodymassage

  Hi, I’m Sundae from Natural Sundae. If you’ve ever wondered what an aromatherapy massage is, I’m here to tell you. Now aromatherapy massage is simply this, it is a massage, any kind of a massage, it can be a... more...

Massage Therapy : Therapeutic Massage

T 22 Mei 2019 F A KLbodymassage

I’m at Everything Peaceful in Wilmington, North Carolina, to discuss what is therapeutic massage? Therapeutic massage is a pretty big term. It is any massage with a purpose. You can incorporate many different modalities into a therapeutic massage, such as... more...

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What is the Best Massage for Lower Back Pain?

T 10 Februari 2017 F A KLbodymassage

Lower back pain is one of the most frequent and universal ailments that people can have. Saying you have lower back pain is like saying you have skin. There are some issues underlying this problem, and the solution lies in... more...

Best massage near KL sentral ( Local Massage )

T 11 November 2016 F A KLbodymassage

Welcome to the house of serenity We welcome you to our exclusive Wawa spa, located near KL sentral. We provide you with one of the best spa experiences in Kuala Lumpur. We have hired skilled and experienced staff of young... more...

outcall massage bukit bintang

Find On-Site Massage Service in Bukit Bintang

T 29 November 2015 F A KLbodymassage

We offer the Best On-Site Massage Service in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur! Now you don’t have to drive to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Body Message center to relieve yourself! Yes, we will now serve you right at the comfort of your... more...


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