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The Difference between Massage Therapy and Spa

T 22 September 2020 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Some people outside there though that massage therapy has the same meaning as the spa. In fact, these two have some differences that might not everyone knows. Both massage therapy and spa involve gentle manipulation of muscle... more...

5 Steps to Get Massage Therapy Certification

T 7 September 2020 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Massage is one popular activity that becomes more popular in the last few years. Massage can give your body a lot of health benefits from improving your blood pressure, relieve pain, and boost your mood. It will... more...

Get 5 Best Experiences of Massage Home Service Here!

T 20 Agustus 2020 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Massage home service becomes more popular nowadays. You can get this service through your mobile apps, website, or book from a massage therapy office. In-home massage therapy can be done at your home, office, hotel room, or... more...

Benefits from Massage Spa

5 Benefits from Massage Spa Treatment for Your Healthy

T 18 Agustus 2020 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Sometimes your daily routine will make you feel exhausted and get stress, especially if you live in the city. Massage spa can be one of the solutions to bring back your energy and spirit to start a... more...

Foot Massage

5 Benefits of Foot Massage That Will Relax Your Body

T 10 Agustus 2020 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – A massage can be one of the best solutions for many people to relax their bodies. Massage may relieve muscle aches and give a peaceful mind. There are many techniques to massage that can give some health... more...

Are You Searching For The Best Therapist Of The World?

T 8 Desember 2019 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – What is the old therapy that still being the most popular one? Yes, it’s a massage. Massage has become one of therapy that uses in ancient China, Rome, and other cultures. As it popular, who is the... more...

Outcall Massage KL

7 Important List To Be Professional Therapist

T 22 November 2019 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Many people work as a massage therapist, but not all of them are professional. A professional therapist is a person that has not only an excellent ability to massage with many kinds of methods and power but... more...

Never Massage This Body Part or You’ll Got Stroke Attack

T 30 Oktober 2019 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – People love to have massage therapy. Some people love to enjoy this therapy in a massage center, but others prefer home service massage. It’s fine because massage has proven to help relaxing, refreshing, and help patients for... more...

Swedish Massage

Read This Before You Do Swedish Massage

T 20 Oktober 2019 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Swedish massage is one of the most popular traditional massages in the world. Is it really necessary to find this method’s therapist? Before you ask him or her to do the therapy, read this first: What Is... more...

Read This Before You Do Home Service Massage

T 16 Oktober 2019 F A Wawa

Wawa Spa – Busy, but need massage therapy? Try home service massage. The therapist will help you remove the stiff of your muscles, without you had to leave your house. But, before you ask the therapist to come, read this... more...

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What is the Best Massage for Lower Back Pain?

T 10 Februari 2017 F A KLbodymassage

Lower back pain is one of the most frequent and universal ailments that people can have. Saying you have lower back pain is like saying you have skin. There are some issues underlying this problem, and the solution lies in... more...

The Best Home and Hotel Outcall Massage Service Kuala Lumpur / Bukit Bintang

T 21 Mei 2018 F A KLbodymassage

They are all synonymous with us. You can take some times to understand what we really represent by residence service rub. Explore our website for more details. Why is our residence service massage very useful for your health and our... more...

Benefits of Professional Massage Services

T 15 Januari 2018 F A KLbodymassage

Getting the massage is one of the best ways to escape the stress of the daily life. The massage services being provided in Kuala Lumpur have become very popular because people are getting many benefits from them. Some of the... more...


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