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Best spas massage centers in Kuala Lumpur

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The high-quality massage centers in Malaysia are for both distressed body and mind. These massage centers in the Kuala Lumpur provide an extensive range of services by professionals. Standalone massage centers in the city are working successfully under the supervision of wellness experts and therapists. These centers have a variety of services such as facials, massage, scrub, bath and a lot more.

Mandara Spa

The Mandara Spa is one of the most popular spas in Malaysia. It is an award-winning spa where facial, foot massage, manicure, pedicure and many other services are given to guests. The massage rooms with attached shower room with bathrooms are available in this spa. The specialty of Mandara spa is that it used many types of essential oils that are very soothing and relaxing for stiff body muscles

The spa

The spa is one of the best spas with a beautiful interior, complete furnishing, and warm lighting. This warm atmosphere in the spa automatically reduces the tension between the person and makes him feel relaxed. The Malay therapy, aromatherapy and many other types of treatments are given in this massage center. The guests in the spa are also offered to have a bath in the swimming pool before the appointment.

Thai Odyssey

Out of many options in Kuala Lumpur, Thai Odyssey is the best one for massage. The interior of the spa is very soothing. The services provided are of high quality while being consistent at the same time. A 30 minutes full body massage is given to the client by using deep tissue techniques to give relief to tight muscles of the body.

Urban retreat spa

An urban retreat spa is a place where you can get the massage that you expected. The spa focuses on every client. The emphasis of the urban retreat is on the pregnant ladies who are given the massage by releasing their fatigue that they feel while carrying the baby.

Yoga massage, jet leg recovery massage, deep tissue massage and many other types of spas are working successfully in Kuala Lumpur.

Estuary Medispa and Esthetics

Estuary medispa is a massage heaven one should never miss out. There is a unique massage type known as Hawaiian massage which is the specialty of estuary medispa. The medical treatments, use of sauna, swimming pools also accompany the massage treatment and make it more relaxing.

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